BolaWrap will allow officers to not have to resort to things such as bean bags, 40 MMs or in the most perilous situations, deadly force itself.

- Chief Michel Moore, LAPD

Even if we have one case we've prevented lethal force from having to be used, it's worth the investment.

- Sheriff Jim Hart, Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office

I see 70% of responses to emotionally disturbed persons that this would handle without a problem.

- Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President

I think this tool will save lives, I think this tool will save careers... I had to provide this as an option for my people.

- Chief Scott Knight, Chaska Police Department

I see this as one of the great tools if you encounter someone with a mental health crisis.

- Chief Steve Casstevens, Buffalo Grove Police Department

Sanctity of Life

1 in 4 fatal police encounters involve the mentally ill. Non-compliant subjects in mental crisis or drug-impaired are often incapable of comprehending commands of officers.


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US Agencies

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Global Adoption

United States

More than 145 police agencies throughout the United States are carrying the BolaWrap, with many more agencies currently in the process of training and writing policies for their agency.

Global Adoption


Wrap has delivered BolaWrap products to 22 different countries thus far. Each country is in various stages of either testing or carrying the BolaWrap in the field.

Global Adoption

United States

Since the start of 2018, more than 1,750 police agencies have reached out directly to the company requesting BolaWrap demonstrations, training and quotes.

Global Adoption


Since the start of 2018, Wrap has received more than 750 requests for demonstrations, training, quotes and distribution partnerships from countries around the world.

Case Study

Fort Worth PD Deploys BolaWrap to Safely Take Violent Man Into Custody

Fort Worth PD officers responded to a domestic disturbance call where an armed suspect was threatening his girlfriend and her mother. The victims were able to flee the location, and the suspect barricaded himself in the home. The suspect refused to exit, but after a long stand-off with S.W.A.T. officers, the suspect exited the location where the BolaWrap was deployed and he was successfully taken into custody without the need for additional uses of force.

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