The Police Executive Research Forum, an independent research organization devoted to improving policing, reports that handling encounters with the mentally ill is a national crisis. A Washington Post investigation tracking all fatal shootings by the police in 2015 found that nearly a quarter of the incidents involve a person who was mentally unstable. American police are rethinking their training, procedures and tools to handle encounters with the mentally ill.

No issue is of greater consequence to the policing profession, or to the communities served, than the issue of police use of force (Police Executive Research Forum – 2016)

Significant fear among police about their safety and about carrying out everyday policing (Pew Research Center 2017)


86 percent of officers said that fatal encounters between blacks and police have made policing more difficult

93 percent said they're more concerned about safety

76 percent said they're more reluctant to use force when appropriate

75 percent said interactions between police and blacks have become more tense

72 percent said they or their colleagues are more reluctant to stop and question people who seem suspicious

  • Use of force by law enforcement continues to be controversial and more public

Officers concerned they will be the next viral video

  • Due to issues surrounding overuse and/or misuse, CEW’s are increasingly controversial


BolaWrap Inspired by Law Enforcement

 Founders recognized need to protect both citizens and law enforcement

  • Recent spate of unfortunate and very public incidents nationwide
  • Subjects increasingly ignore commands escalating situations making hands-on restraint more dangerous
  • Limited options for remote restraint – resort to combat or potentially injurious less lethal and/or lethal force
  • Existing less lethal devices rely on “pain compliance” resulting in probability of injury
    • Increases aggression
    • Complicates apprehension

BolaWrap Innovation

  • Small yet powerful remote restraint device assists law enforcement to control encounters
  • Discharges bola style Kevlar tether to effectively entangle a subject at a recommended range of 10-25 feet
  • Targets and wraps subject’s legs to temporarily control and impede flight
  • An essential new tool to meet modern policing requirements to assuage public demands for less lethal policing