The BolaWrap™ 100 is a hand-held remote restraint device that discharges an eight-foot bola style Kevlar tether to entangle an individual at a range of 10-25 feet. Inspired by law enforcement professionals, the small yet powerful BolaWrap 100 assists law enforcement to safely and effectively control encounters.

Law enforcement agencies authorize a continuum of force options:

verbal commands;

physical control – soft techniques of grabs and holds progressing to hard techniques such as punches and kicks;

less-lethal weapons - batons, pepper spray, impact munitions and CEWs (conducted electrical weapons); and

lethal force – deadly weapons such as firearms.

BolaWrap 100 offers law enforcement a new tool to remotely and temporarily control an individual or impede flight by targeting and wrapping an individual’s legs.

The small, light but rugged BolaWrap 100 is designed for weak hand operation to provide remote restraint while other use of force continuum options remain open. The design offers wide latitude of accuracy to engage and restrain targeted legs of a subject. Quick eject and rapid reload of bola cartridges allows one device to be reused in a single encounter or in multiple encounters.

Features and Benefits

SMALL: BolaWrap 100 is light and operable by an officer using weak hand.

EFFECTIVE: Remote restraint aids in controlling subjects.

SIMPLE: Is simple to deploy by law enforcement / minimum training required.

ACCURATE: Wide latitude of accuracy at range of 10-25 feet

FLEXIBLE: Other use of force options remain available.

SAFE: Designed to restrain without injury or uncontrolled falls.

DURABLE: Weather resistant and rugged.

QUICK REFRESH: Quickly eject spent cartridge and insert new preloaded bola cartridge

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